Helpful Moving Tips!

What to Know When Moving.
Since there are numerous things that come into play when moving it is better to be prepared. Ensuring everything to run smoothly, as well as saving time when packing and moving. First of all there are several questions to ask ones self in order to have a successful move.
Such as:
* Are you going to hire a moving company?
* How big of a truck will you need?
* What kind of boxes or bins would work best and how many to get?
* Do you have all of the necessary supplies, such as tape, permanent markers, etc.
When searching for a moving company it is good to research and compare price differences. Perhaps inquire with family and friends to see if they know of someone reliable. When investigating a company find out how long it has been in business, the longer the better. Also make sure they are licensed it should be available on the Department of Transportation’s web site. See if there are reviews about them and the quality of work that is provided and our recommendation is to use a quality mover that is proven such as Metro movers the premier┬ámovers in Phoenix AZ.moving-tips
It is good to give yourself at least two months in advance to prepare, this way you are not rushing. Doing a thorough search of belongings and deciding which is needed, as well as what can be thrown away or donated. Pack breakables and valuable items carefully, setting them aside so they do not get damaged. Using linens or tissue paper for wrapping, to ensure the safety of the items. Check for empty boxes at stores in your area, most have a variety of sizes available.
Pack seasonable items and those which are not being used first, getting them out of the way. Take your time doing one room at a time, starting with the basement or attic, since that is where the majority of personal belongings is stored. Make sure to keep boxes in a dry place where no moisture can get in, especially keeps sakes and photographs that cannot be replaced. It is helpful to color code and number boxes, with proper labeling nothing will get misplaced.
To avoid food spoiling in the refrigerator it is good to get only what can be eaten, especially during the last couple of weeks before you move. It would be best to keep a few dishes, cups, pans, utensils, towels, and the basic necessities out to use.
Make sure to do a change of address at the post office one to two weeks before your move date, that way no mail will get to the new place of residence on time. Also call the electric, cable, and phone company to get service switched or shut off. As well as making sure that service will be turned on in the new location, there is nothing worse than moving in without electricity.